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    Our vision is: “We want to satisfy our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.”

    It is just as relevant today as when it was written more than 20 years ago. We didn’t know then that at only 84 characters, it would be succinct enough to tweet today!

    Our vision of financially successful customers is based on a simple premise: We believe customers across all business segments can be better served, and save time and money, if they bring their financial services to one trusted provider that knows them well, provides reliable guidance, and can serve their full range of financial needs through a wide choice of products and services.

    Our journey toward this customer-centered vision has required hard work, persistence, and determination. We’ve made steady progress toward this goal. But we still have much to accomplish. Our job — central to our vision — is to make it easy for customers to work with us so we can satisfy their financial needs.

    It’s about building lifelong relationships one customer at a time.

    Each of our customers defines “financial success” differently and very personally. Some want financial security and self-sufficiency. Others want to be disciplined about spending and saving so they can afford to buy a home, start or grow a business, save for education, or prepare for retirement. And some just want to be better informed about financial matters. Knowing what financial success means to each of our customers is the starting point for serving them well.

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