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  • The West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce exists to create a strong local economy, represent our members with government, promote the community, create business connections and represent the voice of business.

    The West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization dedicated to helping businesses—from sole proprietors to large international firms—grow and succeed. With the power of over 415 members that encompass more than 170,000 employees, the West Sacramento Chamber is an effective partner with elected officials and advocates for the interests of the business community.

    Why do Businesses Join the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce?

    Businesses join the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce to expand their connections and opportunities for success and contribute to an environment where all businesses can thrive. For more than 70 years, the Chamber has been the premier organization for businesses in Yolo and Sacramento Counties.

    What are the Benefits of Becoming a Chamber Member?

    Chamber members enjoy benefits in a variety of areas, including:

    • Networking activities
    • Advertising opportunities
    • Public policy advocacy
    • Annual Labor Law Training
    • Engaging business focused events
    • Chamber member discounts
    • and more!

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